Sunday, December 28, 2008

Creeping me out.

I thought only zombies came back from the dead.

Good cause, but it's still creepy.


She was always too classy for a GAP ad.

That one doesn't bother me too much.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The smartest fuel gauge

I rented a car recently and was pleasantly surprised to see this. Are there any more out there like this?

You have to look closely at the top of the gauge. (Click on the image)
It was in a PT Cruiser!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woot Internal Email

I just received this email by accident.  Obviously is wasn't meant for public consumption.


Attention Woot employees -

We are now entering the final phase of preparations for the Woot-Off planned for midnight tonight. This is when we depart from our usual deal-a-day model and sell one product after another, offering a new deal as soon as the previous one sells out. For some reason, Woot members like rayhart continue to have high expectations for this event. We must make every effort to ensure that they feel disappointed and betrayed.

All workers should be physically and mentally straining to make this Woot-Off a success, like every muscle in a wolf's body strains to capture and devour its prey. We expect total compliance with the following objectives:

  • Make sure the stables are thoroughly cleaned and the horses properly groomed and shod. As you know, Commander Rutledge prefers to lead us on horseback during Woot-Offs. Charge!
  • Customer Service department: all vacation requests for this week and next are approved. If you have not filed a vacation request, take one anyway.
  • The little green pills in the kitchen are there to keep you alert and working. Take as many as you need. Officially, Woot does not believe in the concept of "overdose".
  • Take at least one of our servers offline, just for laughs.
  • Go to the landfill and dig up some more Sansa media players. If you see any Digipro Graphics Tablets (and you will), grab those, too.
  • Place crap bags in company latrines so those orders can be "filled". To this end, the company will provide free lunch today from El Feo, the filthiest burrito joint in Dallas. Do your worst, guys.
  • Neutralize all negative thinking among our members. We simply cannot tolerate any more posts like "do not want" or "Woot-Off killer". If electronic means like word filters and IP bans do not work, we must reactivate the rapid-response teams to physically eliminate all threats to our reputation.
  • Last time, spot checks revealed that approximately 25% of products shipped are broken, incomplete, or excessively dirty. This is unacceptable. For this Woot-Off, defective shipments must make up at least 40%.
  • Remind SmartPost that there's no need to hurry on these orders. Prompt delivery makes our customers spoiled and argumentative. Let them learn humility and gratitude while they wait.

Above all, we must strive to make this Woot-Off even more tedious, disappointing, and lucrative than the last one. The employee who achieves the most toward this end will be rewarded with one brown Zune. Second place: two brown Zunes.

Forward into battle! Remember: to give one's life for Woot is glorious!

Larry Stalin
eCommerce eKommissar
Woot, Inc.


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Friday, October 17, 2008

An alternative to negative TV ads.

I'm not trying to be too partisan, but this is really funny.

This concept has been around for about 10 years now! Mainly in College prank art projects.

(Borrowed from )

Just what political ads need, decorative flags in dogshit. Obama Presidential Campaign. | Adland
Just what political ads need, decorative flags in dogshit. Obama Presidential Campaign.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ahh the good ol' days.


Normally, I would not get all political but this one seems to have come from a different universe!

Sarah Pailin's speech recently where she quoted Ronald Reagan came from this record. You can pretty well figure out the era this was produced in (1962). Socialized medicine by the way is MEDICARE!

What Medicare did, of course, was to make sure of three things: that the elderly were spared the anxiety of being unable to afford necessary medical treatment; that families of the elderly ill were not all bankrupted; and that America's doctors and hospitals remained well compensated.

It was produced by the American Medical Association with the intention of having doctor's wives hold coffee clatches with the doctor's patients and listen to.


"We're mavericks and we're gonna fight that greed and corruption maverick style for Joe Sixpack from Main Street like all good maverics do, you betcha! Gosh Darn it"
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Friday, July 25, 2008

write rhymes

Too funny.

The site

Trying to rhyme
with the word brain.
Must have been a mistake, it came up
with McCain.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And now a word from your overseer.

Sorry, I just got slapped up side the head with a little reality. Don't you just hate it when that happens? The Dems just rolled over to Bush on the FISA bill and giving the telecommunication companies immunity. Rolled over? More like bent over!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

International Calling

I just received my first call from Denmark and the clarity on my end was great. They didn't think I sounded very clear but considering I'm using a cell phone with only 2 bars, Not Bad.

I called them earlier using my Vonage service and the clarity was better on both sides. With Vonage (no setup is needed) just call the number. 7 cents per minute without any plan isn't terrible.

Next time I'm trying Skype. I think it's only 2 cents per minute, but I don't know how much the necessary connection fee costs.

Edit: June 21, 08
This works! It was easy to set up and the calls were very clear. It turned out to be a little over 7 cents per minute so when they called me I called them back on Skype at the 2 cent rate and we never used up the $10 credit Skype gave me to begin with! Wow. It turned out that we now have some friends in Denmark that are very computer literate so we are now using Skype video calling. Free. Does it get any better?

It was inevitable.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Slowly but Shirley.

I'm moving a bunch of stuff from all over the internets to this here, fancy smanchy, blog.

Everything is out of order for a while. (That's stupid, everything is always out of order.)

At least I didn't say "most everything" a delightful oxymoron.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

FON A great idea.

$5.99 plus shipping can get you a wireless router!

I wasn't very sold on this until I read that some of the investors included my favorite; Google.

I bought one from this Spanish site and set up up at our store. It puts out two wi-fi signals, one is private and encrypted, the other is public. I use the encrypted one all the time and it seems to work well.

The real benefit is free wi-fi from other "Foneros" located all over the world. There is a way to set one up where you can charge for usage just like your local franchised coffee shop or fast food location. (Fast food restaurant doesn't make sense!) They split the income with you and it isn't much.

We need more of these hotspots here in the good ol' US of A. and I have some discount coupons available (20) for anyone wanting to give it a shot. $5.99 for a wireless router which is normally $29.99 is not too bad!

If you're paranoid you might not want to do this. You might find some strange parked car outside your home with a passenger surfing the web. Young kids on the lawn would be fine with me.

Check it out and if you want a coupon email me. r.earhart at gmail dot com

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I'm sure you have better things to do.