Sunday, May 18, 2008

FON A great idea.

$5.99 plus shipping can get you a wireless router!

I wasn't very sold on this until I read that some of the investors included my favorite; Google.

I bought one from this Spanish site and set up up at our store. It puts out two wi-fi signals, one is private and encrypted, the other is public. I use the encrypted one all the time and it seems to work well.

The real benefit is free wi-fi from other "Foneros" located all over the world. There is a way to set one up where you can charge for usage just like your local franchised coffee shop or fast food location. (Fast food restaurant doesn't make sense!) They split the income with you and it isn't much.

We need more of these hotspots here in the good ol' US of A. and I have some discount coupons available (20) for anyone wanting to give it a shot. $5.99 for a wireless router which is normally $29.99 is not too bad!

If you're paranoid you might not want to do this. You might find some strange parked car outside your home with a passenger surfing the web. Young kids on the lawn would be fine with me.

Check it out and if you want a coupon email me. r.earhart at gmail dot com

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