Sunday, May 25, 2008

International Calling

I just received my first call from Denmark and the clarity on my end was great. They didn't think I sounded very clear but considering I'm using a cell phone with only 2 bars, Not Bad.

I called them earlier using my Vonage service and the clarity was better on both sides. With Vonage (no setup is needed) just call the number. 7 cents per minute without any plan isn't terrible.

Next time I'm trying Skype. I think it's only 2 cents per minute, but I don't know how much the necessary connection fee costs.

Edit: June 21, 08
This works! It was easy to set up and the calls were very clear. It turned out to be a little over 7 cents per minute so when they called me I called them back on Skype at the 2 cent rate and we never used up the $10 credit Skype gave me to begin with! Wow. It turned out that we now have some friends in Denmark that are very computer literate so we are now using Skype video calling. Free. Does it get any better?

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