Monday, October 6, 2008

Ahh the good ol' days.


Normally, I would not get all political but this one seems to have come from a different universe!

Sarah Pailin's speech recently where she quoted Ronald Reagan came from this record. You can pretty well figure out the era this was produced in (1962). Socialized medicine by the way is MEDICARE!

What Medicare did, of course, was to make sure of three things: that the elderly were spared the anxiety of being unable to afford necessary medical treatment; that families of the elderly ill were not all bankrupted; and that America's doctors and hospitals remained well compensated.

It was produced by the American Medical Association with the intention of having doctor's wives hold coffee clatches with the doctor's patients and listen to.


"We're mavericks and we're gonna fight that greed and corruption maverick style for Joe Sixpack from Main Street like all good maverics do, you betcha! Gosh Darn it"
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