Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cloned Cars?

Image from zackaholic

Did you know that you can clone a car? 

Sounds weird but it's a pretty good racket that's being shut down.

South Florida law enforcement involved in “Operation Roadrunner” recovered approximately 250 cloned, stolen vehicles across the U.S. and expressed their belief that had NMVTIS been fully implemented, much of this criminal activity would have been prevented. In this multistate investigation, it was discovered that a criminal enterprise based in South Florida was stealing vehicles and replacing the VINs on the stolen vehicles with VINs removed from other vehicles of the same make, model, and year. These “cloned” vehicles were then used for criminal purposes or sold to unsuspecting consumers. Because the stolen cars and their fraudulent title paperwork displayed legitimate VINs taken from other automobiles (i.e., they were “clones”), consumers, state's motor vehicle titling agencies, and law enforcement could not detect the vehicles' true
stolen status. The criminal enterprise that was taken down in this investigation was linked to many other types of criminal activity, including major violent crimes. Read more about cloning at

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