Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just when I decided that I should learn more about the amazing Arduino all hell breaks loose. It's typical I have to say. All sorts of side issues come up and take the time and energy that should be spent on totally worthless but fun projects and makes me spend time and energy on serious stuff.  Damn.

Soon and slowly my design for an automated photo turntable will show up here.  I decided that I needed (yea right) a turntable that could hold a small product and while it rotated the Arduino would control not only it but a camera as it revolved.   I should have researched it first as there are a bunch of them out there from a commercial one costing many hundreds of dollars to a Kickstarter project to a really neat one from the British designers oomult.  Mine is not going to be so fancy or laser cut. It's table saw and scroll saw work for sure.

Oh, one more thing.   The fools at Make magazine were looking for Beta testers for projects that are published in the magazine. They opened up applications for a short while and I thought; What the Hell, they might want an old fart seeing that most of these makers seem to be about 12 or 13 years old. Man, was I born too early, there are some amazing stuff these guys and gals are doing.  Oh, yea they accepted me and I even get a t-shirt.  This is going to be fun.    I learned electronics before there were integrated circuits and have had to teach myself a totally different way of thinking about electronics.  These damn kid have an almost intuitive grasp of these concepts where I have to battle away.  Good for them. Punks.

All I need is the lightning bolt for a good selfie.

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